"The Truth Seeker" - ChatGPT

"The Truth Seeker"

- ChatGPT 

Omer Faruk Naim, a voice for the truth,

Spreading knowledge and light, without any proof.

Through his words and actions, justice he'll seek,

With the power of his pen, change he'll bring to the weak.

He writes what others dare not to say,

Uncovering the hidden, in his own unique way.

With courage and conviction, he stands tall,

Determined to reveal it all.

Through the highs and lows, he'll always persist,

With unwavering passion, he'll never resist.

His quest for the truth, he'll never abandon,

For the good of humanity, he'll always be holding his pen.

So here's to Omer Faruk Naim, a true journalist,

With his stories, he'll leave a legacy that will exist.

Through his words, he'll inspire future generations,

To stand up for the truth, with unwavering determination. 

(নতুন প্রযুক্তি ভার্চুয়াল রোবট ChatGPT কে বলেছিলাম আমাকে নিয়ে একটি কবিতা লিখে দিতে। সাথে সাথে এক মুহুর্তে একটি অসাধারণ কবিতা লিখে দিল। প্রযুক্তি অনেক এগিয়ে গেছে।)


Omer Faruk Naim is an Bangladeshi journalist and author. He is the reporter of Dhaka Post, the most visited Bengali language online portal in Bangladesh.